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The Superhero Self

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

White Supremacy is a demon, a villian who works tirelessly to oppress those living within the confines of its conditionings. Sadly, many people in society do not realize that control only applies to an individual and their ability to manage themselves. Why does this matter? Because if individuals in society realized their true power, they’d realize that they are superheroes.

A superhero? You laughed didn’t you? But being a superhero is nothing to joke about. Think of all the stories of heroes’ past. In the development stages of most superhero's paths, there is always some life challenge or difficulty that he or she had to overcome in order to realize his or her true power. The challenge that we must conquer living in today’s society is the fact that people in America have been dehumanized, especially people of color.

As a superhero, you realize that every human on this planet has been tasked with a special purpose that lies outside of societal expectations. Your task now? Define your challenges, conquer them, and identify the approach you will take to transform the impact of white supremacy on your life, and then the lives of those in the world around you.

You are the solution. You are the leader. You are the Superhero that YOU have been waiting for. Life is not meant to be lived under the control of some false idea. The truth is, you hold power, and you are worthy to accomplish anything you wish, but you, yes you, must do the work. You are meant to be a Superhero. When you live as anything less, you will always feel a part of you that cannot live.

Let your powerful self, your Superhero Self, come alive.

Peace and Light.

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