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Literacy, Emotional Maturity & Creative Expression

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Teaching Philosophy

Language, human connection, and artistry (in all capacities) are the gateways to how we succeed in life. Without language we are unable to gain knowledge, communicate or understand ourselves and the world around us. As an educator, no matter the subject, it is essential that we continue to develop the literacy skills, emotional maturity/intelligence and creative expression for ourselves, and our students.

“In order to do this with fidelity, we must ensure that our own literacy, emotional and creative deficits are filled. ”

Considering a self taught philosophy: literacy encompasses the abilities to read, write, think, listen and speak with mastery. The “pain-points” or challenges we face inside schools, businesses, relationships and society all boil down to a staff, student, employee or client deficit in one or more of the previously mentioned literacy skills. When literacy skills are properly developed, this inspires the evolution of man. This evolution leads humans to be more literate about his or her emotions that usually relate to their past and present experiences in the world, coupled with future hopes, dreams and worries.

Emotional maturity is the implementation of emotional intelligence, which is the ability to comprehend and identify all emotions, in addition to the ability to resolve negative feelings. So many people in our society attend school not ever learning how to deal with their emotions in a practical, transparent and authentic way. This is why people experience angry and unprofessional leadership, it is why a Human Resources Department is necessary, and why humans continue to have conflict with one another. To add, societal oppression and the lack of cultural competency within the dominant culture in America boils down to a deficit in one or more of the literacy skills listed above, along with the inability to understand and deal with emotions. No matter the level of education or amount of knowledge one has, developing a working sense of emotional maturity is essential in this life, and to the transformation and evolution of man. Literacy taught and implemented with fidelity, added to the acquisition and use of emotional maturity will inspire the emergence of balanced individuals who can function in their creative expression, therefore creating a ripple of empowerment.

Creative Expression is the ability to be innovative and authentic in our personal lives and in the work we do. Teachers have a responsibility to inspire the creativity of students, no matter the pressure of mandates and responsibilities that come with their positions.

All in all, teaching is more of a science and art than simply a profession. Teachers are responsible for brewing knowledge, teaching the ability to connect on a human level and catalyzing student’s own creativity. However, an educator must be able to do this for his or her self, before attempting to do so with a group of students.

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