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An Urban Girl, With a Southern Twang

I am an audacious and creative 90's Baby and Chicago native. I am a wordsmith and with urban edge, but I'm sweet and accountable, like a grandma.


I do not believe in living my life inside conditionings, even if everyone else is doing it. Some people may wonder what led me to start my own business. It's because I did everything right! I survived the hood, motherhood abandonment, internalized racism and more! I went away to school, graduated on time, completed AmeriCorps and served my heart out. I even went back to school to earn a dual masters degree in education. On my graduation day, I felt empty, so I decided to heal. 

At the end of the day, my credentials were not enough, my trauma-healing journey was the golden ticket! I had to realize that as an African and Native American woman from Chicago, I was born enough, and that I had to heal for myself, my family, ancestors and humanity. Because, who else can do my work? Nobody, period (except me).

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For those of you who are interested, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Journalism and Fashion Merchandising from The Mecca of Black education, Howard University. I have a dual Masters of Education in Special Education and Elementary Education from Lesley University. I have been a teacher for almost a decade having taught elementary and middle school before educating alternative students, high school scholars and other teachers. I have more credentials, but I'd rather you see me work. 

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What Does It Mean To
Be Holistic ?

When I stay holistic I mean human-centered and transformation focused. I am a consultant who deals with the humanity and truth of an organization, its leaders and its clients. When Lakendra-Laverne steps through the door, your whole self, whole organization, business, school and whole staff will be seen, honored and deeply supported to transformational change. I do not code-switch my approach from one environment to another. I am transparent, thorough, polished, consistent and truth driven with my approach to consulting; the human needs of yourself and your business cannot hide. This is what we mean when I say holistic. 

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Ready To Work With Me?

I am confident that I have the solutions you need for the success of your business, school or entrepreneurial endeavor. I have created signature services to meet your organizational needs, leading to clarity and structure for your business.

To learn more about how my tailored services will benefit your business, please schedule a consultation with me today. 

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