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Our mission is to help businesses, schools and entrepreneurs improve the function of our world’s institutions by creating solutions that are specific, effective, human-centered and revenue-generating. Our business and education solutions are rooted in organizational structure, community-centered business culture, a commitment to emotional maturity and anti-racist systems in America.


Our vision is to create an international network of human-centered organizations who all understand the value of humanity, and creating a collaborative network of businesses from all industries. We are committed to affecting change in this world by systemically creating a ripple effect of good character, truth centered business and lasting organizational success for the leaders and organizations who are needed most in the world.

Core Values

  1. Audacity: Leaders require the energies of fearlessness, creativity and courage to make the moves that are necessary to create real change. . 

  2. Authenticity: We are both unique and creative in our approach to business solutions and evolution. 

  3. Clear Communication: We are transparent, direct and simple in language.

  4. Cultural Competency: We understand and value the different experiences, customs, traditions and challenges of the humans we serve.

  5. Integrity: We do what is right when no one is watching.

  6. Loyalty: We stand by our clients, we believe in their mission, visions and core values, and we are your partners in development.

Truth: The philosophies of our business are rooted in facts consisting of raw untainted data, historical research and present day reality

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